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Pam Koncki - May 14, 2022 Google Review

A friend recommended Thea, and what a great recommendation it was. Thea takes the time to outline the best plans AND the most cost-effective options. She will not recommend anything that she doesn't whole-heartedly believe will serve a client best. That is beyond comforting, especially given the intricacies of Medicare supplemental insurance/drug coverage enrollments. Definitely recommend working with Thea!

Kevin Sharkey - March 1, 2022 Google Review

Thea and Med-I-Care were incredibly helpful, clear, professional. She made a complicated process very easy and got me signed up and set up through a few calls. The guidance, knowledge and handling of my Medicare sign ups was invaluable. I highly recommend Thea and Med-I-Care!

Gloria Fernandez - Feb 10, 2022 Google Review

A friend of mine referred me to Thea couple of months ago.She gave me a call right away but i was not ready then.Then came the time i needed help to make decisions regarding Medicare and she patiently explained to me the pros and cons regarding which one would be a better plan for me.What i appreciated too was with her being a Filipino, she asked me if i like us to discussed it in out native tongue and it helped me better understand.
And she was not one of those who try to pushed you to make decision right away.
I really appreciated her honesty to me. I know have someone to call when i needed something.

Karen Johansen  -  Jan 26, 2022

I found Thea on the web and was not sure if she would be a good person to contact. She most certainly was! I have been in customer service for years and I could tell right away that she was knowledgeable and caring. She really gave you the feeling of wanting to help you make the correct decisions. She was very patient and explained the process very clearly. I would definitely recommend her to my friends. I consider myself very lucky to have her as my Medicate representative.

Stephen Murphy - Jan 21, 2022

Service was quick and professional with lots of follow up to make sure I was happy with my choices. Very happy with Med-I-care and would suggest trying them to anyone looking for Medicare help.

Jim M - Jan 13, 2022

Joining or modifying any Medicare plan is always quite the chore.
One simple phone conversation with Thea and it all came into focus.
She really knows her way around the medicare programs.
I would highly recommend her services to anyone planning to open, or modify an existing Medicare plan.

Jeffrey Williard - Jan 10, 2021

Anytime you are negotiating within a Federal agency it can be very complicated and uncertain. Thea provided absolute guidance with efficiency and purpose. I am absolutely confident in the direction that I have entering into Medicare. Thank you Thea. I would absolutely recommend Thea to anyone entering or looking for a review of their Medicare.

Deborah Frost - Dec 27, 2021

Being new to the world of Medicare, Thea and her staff are very informative.
Thea and staff are pleasant, knowledgeable and make Medicare understandable. Never rushed through. I would recommend this business

Joy Williamson - Nov 30, 2021

Whether you're enrolling in Medicare for the first time, during a Special Enrollment Period, as I did last year, or re-enrolling, as I am now, during the regular enrollment period, working with Thea and her Med-I-Care Insurance Solutions staff will make the process smooth and trouble-free. Thea's expertise and professional, yet always warm and personable manner, gave me the confidence and understanding of all of the Parts of Medicare that I needed to retire confidently. Thanks so much Thea!

Glenn Rasin - Nov 25, 2021

Thea was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and courteous throughout the entire process of registering for Medicare. She succinctly provided all options and guidance required. It has been a pleasure working with her

Mark S - Oct 20, 2021

Thea is the best. She fully guided my wife and me to obtain the best possible Medicare coverage. I recommend her highly and am very grateful for her assistance.!

Linda M. Rice- Oct 19, 2021

Thea has become my guiding light in navigating the Medicare journey. She is patient and listens so well to help me in designing what will work best for my coverage. I feel confident that we selected the right plan for my medical coverage needs. I have faith in her knowledge and guidance!

Lorena Andersen - Oct 13, 2021

Thea is a great rep. She explained everything in great detail and made sure I understood everything. She answered any questions I had and I would refer her to anyone that needs a Medicare rep.

Sandy Koch - October 9, 2021

Thea was recommended to me and I can't imagine how I would have navigated through the decisions and choices that need to be made regarding obtaining Medicare coverage. I feel confident that Thea guided me in choosing the best options for my care and coverage. She was also always so positive and pleasant.

Arlene D - October 9, 2021

I have been with Thea for awhile.she a great resource of knowledge and explains everything very clearly.she talks with you and advises the best health care plan .she checks in every year as things change and helps you figure out the best plan.she schedules phone appointments for follow ups and is very prompt.I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone

Tom Bullock - September 29, 2021

Thea was extremely helpful and informative. She’s very passionate about her job and it shows. I could not have managed without her help each step of the way. I highly recommend!

Evan P - September 24, 2021

Thea is highly competent and knowledgeable about the health insurance business. In addition, she is a kind and caring person. She focused laser like on finding the health-insurance policy meeting my needs and let the business side take care of itself later. The policy she recommended paid for itself on the first doctor's visit. Her work is exemplary. Very highly recommended!

Susie Meagher - September 13, 2021

Beginning with Thea's impressive mailer, (inundated with so many others), containing Thea's "creative and meaningful" logo, "MED-I-CARE" (couldn't be truer, Thea TRULY DOES CARE!), to her clear and concise presentation, I am fully confident that I have all of the necessary tools to enter this next stage of my life. Thea and her team have gone over & beyond with "customer care", following-up with promised scheduled calls and making sure I have received all of my cards and information. I have been extremely impressed with her expertise in this field and she has assured me that she will be there for me in future years, assisting me as my needs may change. Thea will not only be my Medicare agent for life, I now consider her my friend! Thanking you again for everything!

Todd Eubanks - September 2, 2021

Up until speaking with Thea, my knowledge of Medicare and related options were clear as mud. After both the preliminary conversation and the subsequent signing up, I now have a very good level of comfort in both the decisions that were made and also knowing Thea is my go to person with any Medicare related aspects. Very highly recommended!

John Whiting - September 1, 2021

Health insurance was my biggest concern transitioning from the working world to being retired. Thea was a great help with that transition.

Maria Decarlo - August 29, 2021

Thea has helped us out twice now. Once last year and once just recently. Without her help we would be totally lost. Thank you Thea!

Sandy Koch - August 28, 2021

Thea was recommended to me and I can't imagine how I would have navigated through the decisions and choices that need to be made regarding obtaining Medicare coverage. I feel confident that Thea guided me in choosing the best options for my care and coverage. She was also always so positive and pleasant.

Brian Heenan - July 29, 2021

Very happy with Theresa’s assistance in this process. She was pleasant, thorough & knowledgeable, also very patient, was relatively seamless. I would highly recommend her!

Sandra P - July 27, 2021

I went from one day not knowing anything about medicare other than my window was closing and I needed to sign up ASAP. To say I felt overwhelmed is an understatement. I was given Thea’s name and went from in the dark to being able to rattle off the info I was given with a comprehension of what i was talking about! Thea spent an hour on the phone guiding me and didn’t move on until I understood what she covered. Step bu step she did this with me. I am happy to say she is my life long medicare agent. :) She has made something so overwhelming and frightening a real learning experience which is empowering.

William Godburn  - July 24, 2021

Outstanding walking is through the Medicare process wonderful to work with. Thank you

Lynette Godburn - July 24, 2021

Thea was wonderful! She made a complicated process very smooth. Don’t know how we would have navigated through this without her. We highly recommend Medicare Resource. Thank you Thea.

Victoria M - July 17, 2021

Great team to work with and they were on top of all my needs. Highly recommend.

Mary Kay Novak - July 10, 2021

Thea has helped me navigate the Medicare industry when my husband had a stroke. The supplemental insurance he chose before his stroke had a high deductible. Once he was able to renew, I had no idea what would be best. Thea asked questions that helped us get the best coverage for therapy and his medication. I would never have been able to figure it out especially since I was so distraught over his stroke. Thea saved me many hours of trying to figure everything out. I can't recommend her enough.

Joan Tatum - July 9, 2021

As an insurance broker myself, I've worked with Thea for many years. She has provided excellent support and guidance for many of my clients and once I became eligible for Medicare, my first call was to Thea to assist me in getting my application submitted. The process could not have been easier - and quick! I received my confirmation of coverage within 2 weeks of applying. Medicare coverage can be very confusing - do yourself a favor and contact Thea. She'll answer all your questions based on her years of experience and will provide the guidance needed to get the appropriate coverage in place.

Jean Fitzpatrick - June 28, 2021

Thea and her support staff provided a seamless and informative Medicare initial sign-on experience for me. Thea spent time researching and advising me on my Medicare options so that I could choose the best possible coverage to meet my medical needs going forward. I highly recommend Med-l-Care Solutions, LLC for anyone who needs help navigating the complex Medicare System. I am so grateful to have this team as my Medicare Resource. I coudl not have done it

Mike & Tessie Higgs - June 25, 2021

Thea helped us navigate a very confusing transition from work sponsored health insurance to full Medicare. Since then she has always assisted us in getting our preferred coverage at the best rate. She always follows through the entire process until it's completed. We are extremely satisfied with Thea and her staff at Med-I-Care Insurance Solutions. Thank you.

Martha Platt

Thea is the best. She totally walked me through the process and I would recommend her if you need help with Medicare

Harvey Winter

Thea's advice and recommendations turned the complicated and confusing process of selecting a supplemental Medicare plan simple and straightforward. I couldn't imagine doing this without her assistance.

Sharon Johnson

Thea was extremely helpful walking us through the confusing Medicare supplemental options and process. She could explain the options in detail and provide information to easily understand the different options and their cost. Her follow up was wonderful making sure we had all our cards and everything was set to start on time. I highly recommend using Thea for her expertise and excellent customer service.

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Matt Principe

Thea provided me with superior customer service and helped me understand the complex world of Medicare. She was friendly and courteous and I can't speak more highly of her. She made it easy to sign up for my Medicare plan and the process was stress free. Many thanks !

Maria Fernandez 

"Thea was the greatest help! She explained everything step by step and helped me to make a decision on the best plan for my mom based on her situation. Very professional and knowledgeable in all Medicare products. My pleasure! Thank you Thea."

Harriet Zuk

"Thea and her organization have been amazing at explaining and help setting up all that I have needed. She is terrific and wish that all businesses were that great."

Frances B Pearlman

"Thea was wonderful in offering an educated and concise explanation about the offerings of supplemental plans. She was responsive in a timely manner and answered all of my questions. Thank you Thea."

Diana Sage

" I'm so glad Thea is my insurance agent. I feel secure and confident knowing she's got my back. Thanks, Thea!"

Linda Snyder

"Thea is amazing! Not only finding the right fit for us with insurance coverage but her patience on the phone while searching. But, she also goes above and beyond what you would expect from an agent. While off the main land for a month we had received numerous and unwanted calls regarding our "annual home health visit". We never had and never will do that. When we returned and after telling three different callers we were not interested and to stop calling, I reached out to Thea. She filled a complaint on our behalf and we receive a letter yesterday stating they have removed us from their "Home Visit Call List"!! Thank you, Thea, for all that you do!!"