We were very confused and overwhelmed by all the choices and options we faced when my father turned 62. We reached out to Thea based on her expertise and vast knowledge of the Medicare landscape. She not only took the time to explain the process and each option thoroughly but worked hard to find a great plan at an excellent price point tailored specifically to his current needs. She also helped us consider future issues that might be impacted by our initial choices.

Thea was a joy to work with and made this complicated decision process quick and very easy for our family. We are not only pleased with what she was able to find for us but completely confident in our decision without any of the remorse many of my father’s friends experienced with their choices.

She lives up to her company name by really knowing her stuff and caring about the people she serves. I cannot recommend her more highly.

JoAnne Laffey Abed

Simpsonville, SC

No words can ever express the CARE, patience and personal effort Thea puts into each and every client and there specific needs. All this, in addition to her wealth of knowledge in the industry, allowed me and my family to better understand all of our options! We are and will continue to be confident in Thea’s CARE and guidance!! When it comes to insurance, Thea will cut out the work for you. Beyond highly recommended!!!!!

Trisha Valencia

Silver Spring, MD

“Thank you for being very helpful, knowledgeable,thorough,efficient and compassionate. My family and I appreciate all your help in navigating through the complexity of healthcare insurance.We trust your judgment. I would recommend you to my friends and family”. GOD BLESS YOU

Judy Long
Lake Geneva,WI

“tL has been my insurance carrier since 2009. She calls me as soon as medicare opens up and has always found me the best insuranance carrier for my needs. I recommend her highly."

Susan Beardsley
Danbury, CT

In 2011 I discussed my 2012 health insurance options with Thea. She listened, answered all my questions, asked me additional questions, raised considerations I hadn’t thought of, and during the conversation sent me the exact publications I would need to do my own investigation (as email attachments—I do a lot of research). She clearly knew WAY more than I did. Her recommendation made sense, but having a suspicious nature, I checked to see how much compensation she would receive from each of the companies we discussed. I was surprised and pleased to see she would receive the same commission no matter which one I chose. She really was recommending what was good for me, not for her. I’ve used her now for 7 years, and when Susie reached 65, she used Thea too. We are very pleased. Thea is knowledgeable, smart, patient, and really nice! We recommend her highly.

Curtis G Gruber

Danbury, CT

Thea has been my in-laws agent for years now, she spends time and effort to let them know what is the best coverage for them and what can save them money as well, she is very patient with them and treats them like her own family, she is very excellent with what she does and very knowledgeable with her work. She comes highly recommended and we’re very satisfied with her services!!

Ruth Esteban

Bethel, CT

Congratulations on your new office & your courage to venture out on your own!

You have helped my Mom tremendously in securing the right health coverage. The expediency of your analysis gave her the opportunity to get the right health insurance plan at the best cost available in the marketplace.

We are forever grateful! Best of luck in your business, I am confident you will succeed!

Patty Tipton

Lombard, IL

Thea has taken care of my Medicare insurance since 2010. She has also helped my wife and stepson. She has offered us plans that meets each of our needs. We all have different plans. I highly recommend Thea.

Ron Poli

Shelton, CT